Request form

To request available Sc2.0 yeast strains and plasmids, please complete the form below and we will be in touch with you to arrange a shipment as soon as possible. All published core Sc2.0 yeast strains are available for request, along with the key plasmids relating to the use and manipulation of these strains. Core Sc2.0 materials are provided without any MTA requirement and so are free for use in the academic and commercial sector with no IP entanglements. Note that in-progress materials and strains will not be available until published.

Yeast strains and plasmids (within E. coli) will be supplied as agar stabs and can be shipped free of charge to all requestors within the United Kingdom. We make no guarantees for the materials being sent, but will do our best to ensure that you receive the strains and plasmids you want.

We are happy to supply to those outside of the UK, so long as the requester covers the cost of shipment. We will only ship to requesters who can demonstrate that they have access to an appropriate lab currently approved for work with genetically modified yeast and E. coli and we reserve the right not to send materials to requesters who are associated with export control blacklists.